Cell Phone & Internet coverage increased

Increases your cell phone and internet network by 10 times with cell phone signal amplifier with Cellphone-mate.ca      Reduce dropped calls and ensure your safety.  Enjoy internet and use your smart phones at the cottage, home or business.   … Continue reading →

Bancroft Home and Cottage Show. June 7, 8 and 9th

I have to get ready for the Bancroft Home and Cottage Show. June 7, 8 and 9th The MOOSE is promoting the show on the radio and the papers are running a map with a list of vendors. There is … Continue reading →

Connect to all Cell Networks for Business

Connect to all Cell Networks for Businessses CellPhone-Mate has introduced a Cell Phone amplifier for all Cell Phone carriers in Canada. It was introduced February 10, 2013. Let your customers and employees connect to the cellular netowrks. Connect to the … Continue reading →

CellPhone-Mate makes ICF Home, a cell phone hotspot in Peterborough

We have sent a cellphone-Mate unit to Peterborough, Ontario. The Real Estate agent is building an energy efficient ICF building and could not get a cell signal. We sent them a Cellphone-mate amplifier and they got a signal and in … Continue reading →

Get Connected Stay Connected

Cell Phone Amplifiers are on the rise. Use your Ipad, Iphone, Cellular Internet, Blackberry, or Android cell phones in your home or office. Many business and home owners are installing a cell phone amplifier use there cell phone at their … Continue reading →

SureCall CellPhone-mate Commercial Installation

We have just installed a commercial CellPhone-Mate amplifier at the Tim-Br Mart in Harcourt, ON. Drop by for a look the next time you are in the area. Your cell phone will work by the service desk, if you need … Continue reading →

SureCall Car & Truck

The Cell Phone-Mate SureCall 40 dB kits saves lives and protects your family.  Take in the car, truck or snow-machine to be safe when traveling.  When stranded in the cold whether and deep snow don’t be without your cell phone.  … Continue reading →


CELLPHONE-MATE®, INC. ANNOUNCES FIRST FCC APPROVED, 4G LTE SINGLE-BAND AMPLIFIER FOR THE AT&T NETWORK, THE CM700A Follows LTE and 4G Amplifiers for Verizon and T-Mobile Networks introduced in July and March 2011, making Cellphone-Mate the most complete 4G cellular amplification … Continue reading →

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Professional and business people need to be connected using their smart phones or iPhones at the cottage or in there home. We have installed the SureCall CellPhone-Mate.ca cell phone amplifier in homes and cottages,  One real estate agent said “I … Continue reading →

Seniors Stay in Contact

Seniors’ are using iPhones and Smartphone’s to stay in contact with their families.  Cellular Internet is more important today than ever. If you have a problem connecting in your home or cottage contact me at 613 202 1503 or CellPhone-Mate.ca