This booster is the best for Cars, Vans, Boats or Trucks.

Turn Your Car into a Mobile hot spot for multiple users in the same car. Keep all your cell phone users happy in your car.


Add a cellphone amplifier to your vehicle and stay connected in the most challenging of geographical locations. By increasing a weak signal, the CM2000-WL 40dB lets you make and receive clear calls in what would have been a dead zone. This amplifier is compatible with all major US carriers with the exception of AWS. The kit comes with an interior low profile antenna that will rebroadcast the amplified cell signal throughout your car or truck.

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  • Dual Band 800 and 1900 MHz 40 dB gain Easy to Install Operates with CDMA, GSM, GPRS, TDMA, AMPS and all other standard cell phone networks

  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Full kit – no extra parts necessary

  • $330.00 Web discount standard shipping included HST Extra